Hey there, this is Fortunate from Johannesburg, South Africa. Right now I want to let you know about my life and spells. My life and spells is not really my life but it’s actually my relationship and spells. Do not start thinking that maybe I’m here to talk about love spells; it’s not just that. I am here to talk about love and protection spells. Those two types of spells made my life what it is today and I would like to mostly thank our powerful spells caster, Dr. Muusa. His spells are the one that changed my life for the better. His spells are the one that altered my relationship and kept my relationship and me alive. This thing started back then, whereby I fell in love with the man that I am still in a relationship with even today.

Just two months after we fell in a relationship, I found out that he was having another partner and the fact is when we fell in love, she was already there. Although I had powerful and real feelings for him but I had to let him go. But he refused and he chose me over her and they broke up. That’s where the problem came. In fact the problem was not his ex love but the problem was his family. They turned against him due to the fact that they wanted nothing to do with me. So, he had to choose between our relationship and the relationship with his family. Oh, what a tough decision that was? But he chose both of us. And to that, the family started trying by all means to get rid of our relationship.

I knew that we needed more than the power of our love to ensure that our relationship survives. I kept on updating my friends on the issue and one of them came with the suggestion that I try powerful spells by dr. Muusa. I didn’t actually believe in spells but I had to attempt them and see what they could do for me at that point. I went to Dr. Muusa’s website and I called him and asked for the binding love spell and the protection spell. I wanted our relationship to survive but at the same time, I wanted to ensure that we are protected. I saw changes and I saw that our relationship was going stronger but Dr. Muusa listened to my issue and he suggested that I also cast the family unity spell. In fact that was for my fiancé and he did exactly that. Well, today we are happy together and he is in peace with his family. Thanks a lot Dr. Muusa.


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