Love and family are inextricably knotted. Good family management and parenting is not only about raising well adapted and intelligent children but about raising a family that is well loved; a family in which love radiates from all corners. Parents are very pivotal in teaching and inculcating love in the family, teaching a great deal about family life and familial love that greatly shapes a good family. Just as mothers love profoundly, so should husbands and wives.

You could really be wondering whether your husband or wife loves you anymore. The last time he gave you a flower was on Valentine’s Day and the last time he took you out, you collided with another of his lovers at a bar. Has your wife been nagging one of these days? Does she always complain about things like you not buying for her clothes and other things? She may not really be truly in love with you.

When fronted against such situations, you can spend sleepless nights trying to fathom the depth of your spouse’s love. If you really study them and find their love wanting, its time you cast that love spell. You need to perform a ritual to increase your partner’s love. It won’t cost you much, apart from the frugal expenditure on the materials. To do that, follow the directions below carefully.

Requirements for the spell

˚ You will need 27 pink candles
˚ A ¼ grain of mustard
˚ You will also need 7 tablespoons of pure honey
˚ 14 drops of love perfume
The process

This love spell should be cast during the first two hours of sunrise. It should then be consecutively done for the next nine days.

Pick three candles and anoint them with some honey (one table spoon), then add the mustard and drops of perfume. Invert the candles so that they assume a triangular shape that has a well-defined apex. The mustard grain should then be put in the middle of the triangle. Light them up and let them burn till they are wholly consumed. While they are burning, you should be visualizing meditatively and praying for your love. Repeat the ritual to complete the 9 days in a row .

The use of honey in this ritual is to the effect that it revives and enlivens your love. The candles signify the passionate love that exists between the two of you that should be kept burning and the mustard grains imply that your love; from its current minutest form will once again grow like the proverbial sowing of the mustard seed in the Bible.