Spell for Protection from Witchcraft

Spell for Protection from Witchcraft in Australia

Sometimes we go through difficult times in love. These difficult times can be economic, social, occupational, or emotional, and we are always looking for some way to help us pass through these harsh and bitter moments. In the same way, we always look for something that can protect us from this kind of situations, be it a talisman or an object that gives us confidence to cope with that situation that weigh us down.

The following spell when cast is useful in helping us to gain the confidence, security and protection that we desire:

What we require
– Holy Water
– 1 amulet “That has not been worked by a witch”
– Some clean personal articles.

Normally when you are plunged in such situations where the problem keeps on escalating, the following recipe is a great help. Involve your guardian angel who will intercede for you as you ask for protection.

Say the following prayer while holding the requirements

My guardian angel, God’s ambassador,
Defend my mission and protect me from now onwards
Always be present near me and make me pay the debt of your services
You have always helped me; you have always released me from bondage,
Now I entreat you to always have me protected under your wings as has been before
From all forms of witchcraft and evil that my enemies are planning to cast on me
Save me from any kind of disaster…
I implore you to help me again and always
Through the hard times like what I am undergoing now.
Help me throughout my sleep and remember to wake me up
Save me from bad dreams manufactured from the depths of Hades
Forgive my selfishness because from now on and all day, I promise to be generous
I will, and you will be my celestial guardian, forever

This prayer should be said at midnight while in the bedroom. Once you have said the prayer, pour the holy water on yourself, pour some on your personal articles like a cloth, shirt or handkerchief and anoint the amulet with it. The amulet should be dipped in this water at least 3 times a week and you must always carry it with you. You will see changes beginning to occur in your life the next day and your protection will be guaranteed. However, sometimes better results are expected in the second week after performing the spell

However, in case the situation has gone out of hand, procurement of the services of an experienced wizard or witch will be required. You will have to take the same materials to the spell caster, in order to maintain and preserve the protection.